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Are you ready to expand your self-worth and skyrocket your net-worth?

Meet Dr Susannah Piek

I’m a Scientist with a PhD in Molecular Biology, a skilled Xero bookkeeper and business money expert, and a certified NLP, TLT ® and hypnosis transformational coach.

Over the past decade I have successfully built a 7-figure business empire while helping hundreds of others do the same through my unique framework combining my bookkeeping magic and mindset coaching. I’m an abundance mindset coach who is passionate about fundamentally changing the way entrepreneurs feel about money so they can experience the joy of financial freedom and abundance in all aspects of life.

I am here to empower you to invite infinite wealth, health, abundance, and joy into your life through my unique Santosha Abundance Framework. Santosha means contentment and satisfaction in Sanskrit, which is what real wealth and abundance means to me, and I won’t rest until you feel it.

Introducing the

Santosha Abundance Framework

Helping you experience the joy of financial freedom, abundance, and wellness, and fall in love with your life and business again. Say goodbye to guilt, fear, low self-worth and deeply rooted negative stories and say hello to the most abundant, worthy, and empowered version of you.

work with me

Light yourself up and increase your self-worth and net-worth. Are you ready to commit to improving your abundance?


Work With Me 1:1

When you journey with me in my 1:1 combined NLP, Timeline Therapy® & Hypnosis Coaching sessions, my purpose is to help you embrace abundance in every aspect of your life. I’m here to support and guide you through a process of deep healing and transformation.

Together we will uncover and rewire deep subconscious negative thought processes and limiting beliefs holding you back from living your full potential, and help you step into a life of abundance, freedom, and joy.

mini courses and workshops

to master your money and your mindset

Practical Money Magic Mini Course

LIVE PROGRAM -  $497 incl. GST

Master your money and your mindset with this self-paced, 8 module course designed to help you embrace the wealth and abundance that you deserve.
Based on the Santosha Framework for Abundance you will be guided through a combination of mindset techniques, practical money strategies and healthy wealth building habits to skyrocket your profit and your self-worth.


The Abundance Meditation Bundle

$147 incl GST 


This bundle contains EIGHT meditations to help you rewire your subconscious mind and clear those pesky limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your next level of success.

You get a mix of meditations and journaling prompts to use at different times during your day to help you feel your most calm, grateful and abundant self.




1:1 Xero Consult & Training

This 1:1 Xero consult will be via Zoom with Dr Susannah Piek, who is a Xero certified, expert bookkeeper and BAS agent with 20+ years experience in business. Whether you need Xero training or help to troubleshoot any issues and understand your reports, Susannah will give you peace of mind that your books have been reviewed by a professional.


Santosha Money Mastery Bookkeeping Practice

Santosha Money Mastery is a blend of bookkeeping and Xero Accounting for both business and personal finances, combined with postitive money mindset training, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology and other techniques.
When the right money mindset meets optimal money management, money magic happens.


Not sure where to start?

FREE 15-minute Money Mindset Assessment Call

Connect with me over a free 15-minute chat and I’ll take you through a process to uncover the key limiting belief holding you back from financial success and determine the one thing you can do now to improve your money mindset and your bank balance.

We’ll then discuss your package options and any questions to get you started on your abundance journey.

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 Dr Susannah Piek is an influential keynote speaker, MC, trainer and facilitator, running workshops for businesses like Soco Realty, Fusion Biz Co and The Wanneroo Business Association, and featuring on many podcasts.

Download media kit here to see if Susannah is the right fit for your next event.

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Abundance Habits


Do you believe you are not good with money?

 What if I told you that anyone can be good with money just by establishing healthy money habits? It’s time to change the narrative you’ve been telling yourself about the way you manage your money.

Over 6 months, we’re going to create healthy money habits to grow your abundance, skyrocket your self-worth and enable you to fall in love with your life again.

 With live group support, daily action items, accountability, workbooks and audio recordings we’re going to change your beliefs around money.

Upgrade to VIP to experience the magic of 1:1 NLP, Timeline Therapy® & Hypnosis coaching sessions with Dr Susannah Piek. This is the best value way to get 1:1 personalised support from Suse herself.


Doing money mastery and abundance habits daily has been a game changer for me. I was always not having enough, or getting rid of money as soon asI had it! Suse and her techniques have made a lasting impression and I now do them religiously and my business is booming. When I don't do them there is a definite drop in my dream clients and my income! She’s really helped me train my mind to know abundance is my birth right


I did NLP with Suse last year. I have to say it’s the best year I’ve had mentally and emotionally in over 10 years I think. Tapping into my subconscious mind was interesting, not only did I learn some things about myself but it has really helped minimise anxious thoughts and improving my self worth. Highly recommend Suse, I always looked forward to our sessions. I can’t thank you enough Suse.


I am so grateful for Suse. Before our session I really hated money, I believed I was not good with it, that I always wasted it and that I would forever struggle with having it. Fast forward to now, money is amazing, I created a desire for having it and it feels so great seeing it sitting in my bank account. Working with Suse completely changed my life. Thank you!


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I am so excited to start this abundance journey with you!