A life of abundance, freedom, and joy awaits.

 The path to your most abundant life is ready for you to claim it!


But first you need to embrace abundance in EVERY aspect of your life.

Abundance isn’t about how much money you make…

True abundance means:

  • Self confidence and a deep sense of self-worth that’s not related to materialistic things
  • Letting go of those pesky limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are holding you back 
  • Emotional abundance and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in the life YOU created

And when this happens – watch your soul light up and your self-worth & abundance in every area of life multiply. 


To get to this point you first need to commit to your own growth and improving your abundance – let me show you how.

I'm Susannah

Abundance mindset coach, NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner, Scientist, BAS agent and Xero specialist bookkeeper for over 20 years.

I’m a big believer that you can experience abundance at any time but to get to this point you first need to commit to your own growth and improving your abundance…

I combine NLP, Timeline Therapy® & Hypnosis to guide you through a process of deep healing and transformation.

On the other side of this transformation – a life of abundance, freedom, and joy that you can be proud of. 

When you commit to the deep work and embracing abundance 

Your next level of abundance, happiness and wealth is waiting for you. 

Your abundance journey begins here…

6 Month Mindset Expansion Program

✔ 12 x 90 minute bi-weekly 1:1 combined NLP, Timeline Therapy ® & Hypnosis Coaching sessions over 6 Months

✔ Personalized guided hypnotic meditation recording to anchor in the learnings after each session

✔ Mindset training and action items to complete between sessions

 Unlimited business hours support via your preferred messaging app (Voxer/whatsapp/messenger/telegram) for the duration of the program


And if you’re a business owner who wants practical money tools to help you call in more abundance + wealth 

Upgrade your 1:1 Coaching Series with my Practical Money Magic Mini Course 


Get ready to master your money and your mindset with this self-paced, 8 module course designed to help you embrace the wealth and abundance that you deserve.


During your 6 month coaching series, I will guide you through this mini-course and keep you accountable on your journey to master your wealth and abundance in business as well as in life.

When you sign up today you get the 1:1 coaching series and mini course for only $279 extra (valued at $479.


This is more than just some feel-good meditations and some positive money mantras…

We go deep to rewire deep subconscious negative thought processes and limiting beliefs holding you back from embracing abundance in all aspects of your life. 

This will allow you to connect with your most authentic self and feel empowered to make positive change that’s in alignment with your soul purpose.

On our journey together, we’ll develop an actionable plan to guide you in the direction of your true purpose, passion, and ultimate abundance.

Get ready to step into a life of true abundance!