3 tips to retrain your money mindset

Nov 08, 2023

3 tips to retrain your money mindset

A few years ago, I couldn’t open my bank account balance without feeling anxious. Thinking about my finances made me feel sick to my stomach. 

As a mum with a young family, I felt pressured to provide and yet the more I tried to control the situation and cling on to my money, the worse my financial position became.


The impact of a negative money mindset

I soon discovered that when you focus on a situation, the more likely it is to become your reality.

I was essentially manifesting my misfortune!

Since then, I have consciously worked to improve my money mindset, focusing on abundance and being grateful for all income I receive.

And guess what? 

It has completely turned my finances around.

How I transformed my money mindset

By retraining my brain to focus on the abundance and wealth around me, I could suddenly  see opportunities for new income streams, business expansions, and investment options. 

Transforming my money mindset has had a phenomenal impact on my business and overall life happiness.

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