A quick money mindset exercise

Nov 08, 2023

Want to change the way you feel about money? Want to invite more abundance into your life by turning limiting beliefs around to thoughts of positivity?

Set aside ten minutes for this quick money mindset exercise I use with clients to improve their money mindsets.


How do you feel about money?

The first step is to analyse your feelings when you think about money.

Do you feel excited? Or do you feel dread and fear?

Take a moment to sit and feel all of the emotions – whether they are guilt, shame or worry. 

Consider where in your body you are feeling this emotion – do you feel queasy in your stomach, a lump in your throat, or a beautiful golden light filling you with love and excitement?

Next, note down how you feel when you say the following phrases to yourself:

“I have to work really hard to make money.”

“I can’t have fun and make money.” 

“I’m not good with money.”

“There is never enough money.”

“I don’t know where my money goes.”

“I can’t make money doing what I love.”

No doubt this exercise will start to bring up some negative emotions around money for you. 

Unfortunately, we’ve often been conditioned to feel a certain way about money. 

We were often taught by our parents to have certain associations around money, and they were taught by their parents. 

Without even realising, all these connotations relating to money are added to our subconscious.


Rewire your money mindset


Once you have written down all the negativities you feel towards money, it’s time to rewire these beliefs.

Instead of feeling badly about money, we want to turn these feelings into gratitude and appreciation for what you have.

Why is this so important?

Because if you are feeling stressed, frustrated or anxious around money, your subconscious will work to protect you by repelling money away from you.

Now I want you to re-write the negative list, and detail all the reasons why you are grateful for the money in your life and what it has allowed you to do.

For example, you might write, “I am grateful for my business which brings in money which allows me to feed my children.”

Take five minutes to write down all the reasons why you are appreciative and grateful for the abundance in your life. 


Take back control of your finances 

As soon as you begin to focus on all the abundance around you, you will be welcoming more wealth into your life.

What we believe, we manifest. So if we believe we are wealthy and live a life full of abundance, this will become our reality.

You’ll be surprised how easily everything will fall into place once you’ve mastered this.

Want to learn more? Why not book a free call with me and see how I can help.

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