COVID and its effect on money management

Nov 08, 2023

COVID and its effect on money management

COVID-19 has negatively impacted so many around the world. 

The obvious effect has been on the health and wellbeing of so many, but it has also amplified financial stress throughout many households. 

As a bookkeeper, many of the small businesses I work with were impacted by lockdowns. I could see the financial strain taking its toll. 

What I quickly noticed is that business owners with a strong money mindset coped the best – adapting to the changes and seeking new opportunities for business growth.

Unfortunately, the businesses that were already struggling pre-COVID were impacted the hardest, and watching them struggle became unbearable for me.

The idea for Santosha Money Mastery 

Suddenly, I realised there was something I could do to help. I could teach other business owners how to master their money and mindset just as I had done in recent years.

And so, Santosha Money Mastery was born.

Since then, I have worked with a number of entrepreneurs to help them take back control of their finances.

Assisting business owners to change the way they feel about money has allowed them to welcome abundance into their lives. They’ve been able to grow their business even when times were tough.

Personal money management and a positive mindset


One of the best techniques I’ve used to help business owners is retraining the way they feel about money, as well as assisting them with their personal money management.

Using automated systems and software, I have helped my clients to set up money management systems that they barely have to think about. 

Skills as a bookkeeper assist with money management


Combining my passion for organisation, along with the knowledge I’ve gleaned as a bookkeeper, I’ve become apt at organising finances. 

Through the use of Xero, I assist my clients with money management so they spend their cash wisely. I also advise them on other revenue streams and channels for identifying more opportunities for growth.


Do you need assistance with managing your money?

If you’re feeling you’re not so great with numbers and that you could be better with your money, then maybe it’s time to work on your money mindset. 

You’ll be surprised at how easily the rest will fall into place once you’ve mastered your money mindset.

And I’m here to help you to become the best version of yourself.

After all  – combining a positive money mindset with automated and efficient money management techniques is the key to money mastery.

Want to learn more? Why not book a call with me today.

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