How to Make Your Habits Stick

Nov 08, 2023

How to make your habits stick

It’s wonderful to develop healthy money habits – but what’s the use of learning something new if we don’t stick to it?

According to a European Journal of Social Psychology study, it takes 18 to 254 days for you to form a new habit that actually sticks.

But aside from repetition, how can we make sure our habits stay around?

Learning about money habits

I spent last year diving into the psychology and neuroscience of what makes money habits stick at a deep subconscious level. Through this research, I’ve learnt some tricks which I’d love to share with you so you can make your abundance habits stick.

1. Make your money habits easy

The easier you make your new habits the more likely you are to do them. So plan and organise ahead, schedule the habit into your calendar, make it convenient, set reminders, and get an accountability buddy. Anything you need to do to set yourself up for success. Remember that we are creatures of comfort and wired to always take the path of least resistance – so the key is to make your habits easy.

2. Remind yourself of your new habit

In the beginning, it’s important to create obvious triggers and cues that remind you of your habit so you can stay on track. I love to associate my new money habits with an existing habit – like dropping my kids off at school or brushing my teeth. For example, if I schedule my new exercise routine to run straight after I drop off my kids then I will cement it into my calendar. Or if I plan to read a chapter of a book before bed, I schedule it for after I’ve brushed my teeth. Reminding yourself of your new habit with an everyday trigger can be useful. 

3. Focus on how you’re changing

To make something into a habit, it helps to be grateful for your growth and embrace the change. Focus on what you are creating in your life – who you are becoming – with deep gratitude to yourself for staying on track. Create mantras, meditate, journal and connect energetically to who you are becoming. Be in a state of excitement for the new habit you are creating.

4. Reward yourself

Make your money habits satisfying and give yourself little rewards to make them stick. Often we give up on forming new habits because we don’t see the immediate benefit of them over the weeks and months that pass by. Humans crave instant gratification, so make it easy for yourself. Instead of using discipline (which is a challenge to maintain), set up instant rewards, track your progress each day – no matter how small – and then congratulate yourself on what you’ve achieved.

Want to learn more about abundance habits?  

If you would like to learn the proven tools and hacks to joyfully anchor in new abundance habits, clear psychological blocks and permanently banish old unhealthy habits, I am running a 3 day FREE Abundance Habits Challenge.

The challenge will help anchor you in your new habits and keep you on track towards achieving your 2022 goals.

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