The use of NLP is a game changer for your money mindset

Nov 08, 2023

Using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs to become as wealthy as possible so that they can make a real change in the world.

It’s time to remove the stigma around money – it is NOT the root of all evil. 

In fact, money can do a whole lot of good. 

Why not take some time to think about the benefits money brings to your life? How will your increased wealth benefit those around you?


How NLP works

NLP works by reprogramming your thoughts to make your beliefs and feelings more positive. 

We manifest what we believe, which is why it’s important to think positive thoughts if we want to lead a productive and rewarding life.

How does this relate to money?

Well, one way to welcome more abundance into your life is to reprogram your negative beliefs.

By thinking about why we are grateful for money, we can put aside all the blame, excuses and regret we might have around money and accept complete responsibility for our actions.

Remember that you, and only you, are responsible for your money mindset. 

Once we learn to take responsibility for our money, this is when real change can take place.

This is when you can begin to feel empowered.

This is when you can create whatever you desire in your life.


NLP exercises combined with action

Working with my clients, I take them through a series of NLP exercises so they can rewire the beliefs they have around wealth.

Using perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques, we work to change their thoughts while giving them actionable steps to take to improve their lives.


I help them to define any unconscious beliefs or limitations they might have around money. For example, do they believe only the greedy are wealthy? Or that to be rich you must be dishonest?

These limiting beliefs mean we subconsciously push money away from us, because no one strives to be greedy or dishonest!

By rewiring these thoughts into believing that rich people are generous, kind and worthy, we can start to welcome abundance into our lives.

Can I help you?

Do you have some negative money associations that are holding you back from your full potential?

If so then I’d love to work with you to help you to take back control of your finances.

I’ve realised the easiest way to do this is to help small business owners improve their mindsets through these NLP techniques.

You’ll be surprised at how easily abundance will fall into place once you’ve mastered your money mindset.

Want to learn more? Then why not book a free, non-obligatory call with me today

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