What are abundance habits and how can you train your brain?

Nov 08, 2023

What are abundance habits and how can you train your brain?

You are your actions. What you do is who you become.

This is why it’s important to carve out consistent abundance habits in your life – so that you train your brain to welcome more wealth into your life. 

Once you have formed these abundance habits, you will do them without thinking.

And this is where the magic happens – abundance becomes effortless and easy.


How can you create abundance habits? 

Did you know that most New Year’s resolutions don’t come to fruition? This is because we often fail to make a conscious change to our habits, which means we forget about our resolutions or decide they’re ‘too hard’.

And yet, if we just get into the habit of working on the goal – such as going to the gym at a certain time of day – the process becomes effortless and easy and you hardly have to think about it.

This is because the habit is becoming wired into your subconscious so you’re doing it on autopilot – how awesome is that!

But how can we train our brain to think more positively about money? The trick is to set up some daily habits that help you to live your most abundant life.

Abundant habits to work on every day

I practise certain abundance habits every day and now they are routine for me I barely think twice about them.

I want to share them with you so you can get into the habit of living an abundant life. 

These are a few habits that I love to do every day. And this is the key – that I practise them DAILY:

  • Delegate something 
  • Create or enforce a healthy boundary 
  • Learn something new 
  • Challenge myself and get outside of my comfort zone
  • Do a money generating activity
  • Practise daily gratitude for money
  • Celebrate a win (especially the small ones)
  • Think abundant, wealthy, joyful thoughts 
  • Move and nourish the body
  • Improve one thing in my physical environment
  • Splurge on something that makes me feel abundant 
  • Give joyfully 
  • Connect with people who inspire, uplift and support me


Why did I change my abundance habits? 

In 2021, I became fascinated with how to change my life on a deep subconscious level. I found that rather than making huge changes to my life, the best improvements have come from making small and consistent changes. These have compounded to create amazing results across my life. 

In other words, it comes down to your habits – the little things you do everyday without even thinking about them. You are your habits, and learning the tools to create positive new habits is the key to making your dreams a reality.

Want to learn more?  

If you would like to take a closer look at how to positively change your habits, creating more abundance in your life and clearing any psychological blocks you might have, I am running a 3 day FREE Abundance Habits Challenge.

The challenge will help guide you into implementing new money habits which will set you up on the right track to achieving your 2022 goals.

You can sign up here.


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